Discussion with Mr. K. J Weerasinghe, Chief Negotiator of International Trade Office

25th November 2023

A session with Mr. K. J Weerasinghe, Chief Negotiator of the International Trade Office, took place during the monthly Committee Meeting of the Sri Lanka Shippers' Council on 27th September. The discussion delved into detailed insights on various topics, followed by an engaging Q & A session that proved to be highly informative.

  • Government's Vision for International Trade Agreements: Emphasizing the government's vision to prioritize the country's economic growth. Strategies for market and product diversification was also discussed.
  • Current Trade Agreements with India and Pakistan: An overview of the existing trade agreements and comprehensive strategies for expanding these partnerships.
  • Sri Lanka's Position in Asia: The discussion highlighted Sri Lanka's role in Asia, particularly through collaboration with ASEP countries.
  • Negotiating Team Structure: An explanation of the structure of the negotiating team and the key individuals involved in the process.
  • Scope of Negotiations: Insights into the scope of negotiations within all agreements, with a focus on ongoing negotiations
  • Current Negotiation Status: A brief update on the present status of negotiations in various countries, including Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia, and India.
  • Addressing Issues in Negotiations: Strategies to address and overcome challenges encountered during the negotiation process.
  • Tariff Liberalization Program: An overview of the tariff liberalization program as part of the trade agreements.

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