Terminal Handling Charges THC

30th April 2020

The following is a summary of terminal storage concession arrangements applicable from 16th March to 07th May (both days inclusive).

  • Storage at the basic rate level is applicable:

    Containers of all cargo* types: 14th April to 07th May (31 days)

    Note: * electricity/power charges apply as per tariff
  • Non-billable days (free):

    General/hazardous/Reefer* container: 16th March to 13th April (29 days) Unaccompanied Personal Baggage (UPB): 16th March to 20th April (36 days) MCC: 16th March to 30th April (46 days)

    Note: * electricity/power charges apply as per tariff
  • Standard Terminal Storage tariff is applicable from 8th May onwards.
  • Online deposits We understand the hassle you are facing and have launched the following to sort your payments and documentation:
  • Electronic document release
  • Clearing & Handling Agents (CHA) lodge your clearance documents online at [email protected] to receive e-Delivery Advice (e-DA) in quick time.

    CICT Customer Service hotlines: 0112 666 865 / 0113 300 109

    Doc. Centre in Charge:
    Ajantha Ravinath
    Landline 0112 666 864
    Mobile: 076 666 6901
    Email: [email protected]

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