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01st February 2014

Trade Notice - To be vigilant on exorbitant local charges by some service providers

Extraordinary Gazette Notification no 1842/16 of 26/12/2013 the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

The Council has been informed that some service providers have increased local charges on shipments to very high levels.

The Sri Lanka Shippers' Council is of the view that, all local charges should be strictly in accordance with the Gazette and local charges should be filed and approved by the Director General of Merchant Shipping (DGMS).

Therefore, merely a letter submitted to the DGMS and an acknowledgement from DGMS cannot be considered as a valid approval for this purpose.

In view of the above, the Council urge the trade to clarify all such matters as appropriate with DGMS for necessary action.

For further clarification, please refer DGMS website - refer under notices.

Encl/- The notice issued by DGMS is also attached for ease of reference.

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