Terminal Storage Concessions to CICT Customers due to Covid-19

30th April 2020

The following is a summary of terminal storage concession arrangements applicable from 14th March to 7th May (both days inclusive).

  • Non-billable days (free):

    General/hazardous/Reefer* container: 14th March to 13 April (31 days)

    Unaccompanied Personal Baggage (UPB): 14th March to 20th April (39 days)

    Note: * electricity/power charges apply as per tariff
  • Storage at the basic rate level is applicable:

    Containers of all cargo* types: 14th April to 7thMay (31 days)

    Note: * electricity/power charges apply as per tariff
  • Standard Terminal Storage tariff is applicable from 8th May onwards.

Terminal storage paid in excess of the foregoing arrangements for cargo collected prior to today (27th April), will be refunded upon request to email; [email protected] appending the relevant supporting documents.

Clearing & Handling Agents (CHA) lodge your clearance documents online at [email protected] to receive e-Delivery Advice (e-DA) in quick time.

SAGT Customer Service hotlines: 2541871-5

Doc Centre Manager:
Niranjith Waidyarathne:
Landline 2541870
Mobile: 0772457870
Email: [email protected]

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