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Annual Report & Accounts 2015/2016

The activities of the Council have been focused on issues faced by shippers on shipping and their operational activities. The Council always performed a lead role in resolving problems and serve as the focal point where various shipping and port, Airport & other authorities’ related matters are brought up and discussed. In addition, the Council largely contributes in advising the Government authorities on matters relating to port and shipping whenever its advice is sought after.

The following ten (10) action committees were appointed for better co-ordination and guidance purposes:

  • Shipping and Logistics related Matters
  • Present Market Indicators - Freight Rates/ Courier rates
  • Customs/Sri Lanka Ports Authority/Maritime Affairs
  • Airport Issues
  • Education and Seminars
  • Membership Drive, Fund Raising & Finances/Accounts
  • SLSC Constitution
  • Asian Shippers' Council (ASC)
  • Global Shippers' Forum (GSF)
  • SLSC Website

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